Customs clearance

International shipping is associated with a lengthy procedure for customs clearance. The legislation of the Russian Federation provides for a difficult procedure for customs clearance of imports and exports as well as a fairly lengthy package of documents required for presentation

All this causes can turn customs clearance into a grueling long process. Especially for those who are just beginning to expand the geography of their business. It is more expedient to seek help from professionals

Trouble-free customs clearance of goods from Forever Group

“FOREVER GROUP” provides qualified services for the delivery and customs clearance of goods from Europe and from around the world

The company’s employees (logisticians, lawyers, managers) have extensive experience in the field of international logistics, maintain close cooperation with foreign colleagues and transport companies. This allows you to perform customs clearance of exports and imports as soon as possible. What is important in relation to perishable goods, such as fresh cut flowers and edible greens, agricultural products and planting materials

Experts from our company unconventionally approach the solution of each task set by the customer. All operations are performed on time and in full. Their competence includes international transportation and customs clearance of goods of various types, transported using all modern types of transport